Open Your Heart

BlueprintForBlessings3We scratch our heads wondering how this or that person has wound up in our life. We wonder why similiar incidents keep reoccurring. Nowhere in the Scriptures do we find any idea of coincidences- everything is happening in some way for our good. Dragging out your past only clouds your mind. Looking too far into the future can create unnecessary anxiety, especially when you know what you desire. It is the NOW which matters to the ones representing the ever-present I AM within us. According to Christ, it's up to how much you are willing to open your heart to others:


7 Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.

As we go thru these Beatittudes, understand each builds upon the next and shows the progressive nature of spiritual maturity. The next idea Christ gives us after being poor in spirit, mourning, meekness, and having an unquenchable appetite for righteousness is to understand the concept of attraction, thru being "merciful". Once we mourn our spiritual poverty and God's Spirit begins taming our minds to follow after righteousness, our hearts begin to open, seeing our brethren in a whole other light- with mercy. Another aspect of this verse is how we actually attract what we have in our lives by what we extend to others.

Mercy is a very broad idea and a most significant attitude to Christ. We may assume it only applies when we come across someone in really bad shape and we make a choice whether or not to lend a helping hand. Yet when we are in tune with God's Spirit within, mercy flows from us; we want to do things to help others, to reach out. It is the amount of ease you recognize within yourself to extend mercy which actually says more about your spiritual maturity than just about anything else. Mercy isn't a requirement. Though some beg for mercy, deep down they know they want something not owed to them. According to Christ, one who wants to be blessed of God wants to be a blessing to others by opening their heart in mercy.

Being merciful doesn't get a whole lot of praise. In fact, mercy is many times ridiculed, even being seen as weakness. Yet according to Christ, if you foresee in your life ever needing mercy, the best thing to do then is look for opportunities to be merciful. Then you "shall obtain mercy" when you need it. Anticipating one day needing mercy ourselves, reflects being poor in spirit and meekness, two of the previous Beattitudes.

We never really know what effect extending a little mercy might do in another brother's life. The fact is, the whole reason a person might need mercy from you is because no one else has extended any to him. Extending mercy and in return receiving mercy illustrates to us how The Law of Attraction works. Mercy is the perfect example to use because it is voluntary and through it we can see our spiritual maturity by how merciful we are. Therefore spiritual maturity and understanding how we attract things into our own life go hand-in-hand.

Many have went thru their whole lives never caring how much others are hurting or what they're going through. Someone might make a mistake on the job and as their boss or co-worker, you showing a little understanding and mercy, might be the very thing that gives them back their focus. For others, mercy can relieve the pressure of things at home or with their health.

Grace has been described as getting what you do not deserve, while mercy has been described as not getting what you deserve. Are we aware how gracious and merciful God has been to us? Then how should we be toward others? God has been abundantly gracious and merciful to everyone, even His enemies, by allowing them to continue on for a short time to exist as a contrast for us. Yet it seems many whites have very little if any capacity to open their hearts very much to one another, even among those who are racially awake. What is your excuse for not being more merciful to your brother? Christ is saying if you want to be blessed, particularly in the hour of your need for mercy, you need to seek opportunities to be merciful to someone else. It is this way with everything else in your life as well: WHAT WE "OBTAIN" OR ATTRACT IS DETERMINED BY HOW WE'VE BEEN TO OTHERS.

People in and around your life either worry or trust God more because of you. A good way to know if you are blessed is by how happy you are with what you already have. That's not to say you can't or shouldn't want more, not at all. But what makes you think you'll be happier just by having more stuff? START GIVING OUT WHAT YOU WANT MORE OF. 'You want more love, what do you need to be doing then? You want more money? What kind of attitude do you have with the money you already have? WE CANNOT OUT GIVE GOD.

Again, some seem to think initiating mercy, like meekness, is weakness. This is a shallow misconception, for mercy is a Divine Attribute of God Almighty. Do you consider yourself a "merciful" person? You can know for sure by how much mercy you've obtained. We will be blessed with mercy as long as we ourselves are merciful. Mercy comes from a heart of love and compassion. WE ATTRACT WHAT WE DESIRE NOT BY DWELLING ON WHAT WE WANT, BUT BY STAYING FOCUSED ON BEING CONTENT AND WANTING TO HELP OTHERS.

Being merciful always involves transferring good thoughts, words, and actions toward another in need. If all you dwell on is mostly negative thoughts, words, and deeds, you're not even being merciful to yourself. That's how people get bitter then close themselves off. But one who is merciful cannot close himself off; his heart is open and he is looking for someone to pick up and bless. We can attract people to us by the way we treat others. It may not even be that person who we treated a certain way, good or bad. But God will bring someone else into our lives based on the way we treated or handled ourselves with someone else. Therefore just as being merciful attracts mercy, we attract what we want by how we are to others.

If you're hard to get along with, loving people will try to help you, but they will not be attracted to you. But if you are that loving, caring person, don't feel bad, for once a person who is hard to get along with is finished with you, they won't want to be around you anymore, anyway. It's not that hard to figure out; who or what do you want to attract? BE that way by opening your heart.

In Strong's Exhaustive Concordance it's "merciful" #1655 and "mercy" #1653 defined as compassion. The Greek word for "mercy" ele-he-ho, defined in Lidell and Scott's as to have pity on, show mercy on. Spiros Zodhiates explains in the Hebrew Greek Key Study Bible that to be "merciful" or ele-hay-mone is to be "compassionate, benevolently merciful, involving thought and action." Many times when we speak of one who we appreciate showing us mercy, we express it as, "Thank you for being so thoughtful." Being one who is blessed of God, being happy, and what we attract, begins in the mind, whether we are conscious of it or not. This is the only time we find this usage in the New Testament.

Our spirits are attracted to one another when we commune together in mutual love. However, two people who are hard to get along with and so full of hate will eventually fall out with one another. The truth in love has the power to unite whites. While a relationship which focuses mostly on hate has little depth. The only way we can prove our hate is based on love for our Father and kin, is by being merciful to our brother, not by always leaning toward thinking the worst. Mercy gives us needed balance. It also attracts others with whom we can grow spiritually together. THIS IS THE KIND OF BLESSING WE ALL CONSTANTLY NEED. This is where the power to overcome the world will come from, a heart and mind full of mercy and love for one another. Above all it is Christlike.

Anticipating the need for mercy yourself shows that you are willing to feel as others feel and as a result, actually help them. A faithful child of God is one who seeks to live out what Christ illustrated thru His death for us as our Substitute; voluntarily laying down our lives to lift up others. Obviously being blessed or happiness comes from focusing on others. For the one who wants to help and take care of others will always be well taken care of by others himself.

We should never assume we are above falling down and needing mercy. Maybe it's been awhile but whenever you know you've really messed up again, you will want someone to be merciful to you in some way. No matter how hard we fall, it is always good to have someone there to help pick you up. Therefore, look to be the one who is there for others just like Christ was there for you. Though we may be misunderstood by others, we will be blessed by God. CHRIST IS SAYING BE WHAT YOU WANT TO ATTRACT.

Mercy encompasses more than waiting to pick up others when they fall. We can be proactive in mercy by walking in an attitude of love toward our people. This is communicated thru small throughout-the-day gestures of kindness and mercy such as overlooking those little things people do and not being so easily offended. Mercy comes out in the way we treat everybody no matter what they have done or what position they are in. If they are white, you are looking in some way to help them. Mercy has its heart open and is always looking out for others.

Beyond just the matter of mercy Christ is teaching a spiritual law here. Just as gravity is a natural law (what goes up must come down), what you give is what you will attract in return. We might think we can blame others for our problems but if there is no one there to lean on, it is our own doing. When we stop thinking there are coincidences and always blaming our problems on everyone else, this is the moment we will realize we have attracted what we have whether we like it or not. THE ONLY WAY TO STOP ATTRACTING WHAT YOU DON'T WANT IS TO CHANGE YOURSELF.

What do you want in your life? Then that is how you need to be. We attract good and bad, as a result of how we are in our lives and how we treat other people. Some cannot understand why nobody seems to love them but they never reach out in love to anyone else. They can't understand why nobody ever does anything for them, yet they never make the time for anyone else. Christ is saying stop waiting on others to make the first move. You can have whatever it is you want to attract by changing yourself and making the first move toward someone else. Like all of these Beattitudes, this is just another aspect of His blueprint for blessing and it can literally change your life.


8 Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

One who follows thru with being merciful and reveals they are "pure in heart" should expect then to be blessed and to "see God". The pure in heart see their fellow whites not as they are but how Yahweh wants them to be, remembering none of us are perfect in this flesh. The pure in heart see the potential in others. Never forget it is God in us, the sinless, perfect Spirit that lives within each in the white race which makes us brothers. THEREFORE TO SEE GOD IS TO BE ABLE TO SEE HIM IN ONE ANOTHER. One who is pure in heart best reflects Christ Who after all, is living inside them.

However, when our hearts are not pure we do not shine forth in the power of the Spirit of God. We allow the ways of the world to 'clog us up' making us fearful, even bitter, which clouds our thinking and limits our outlook, especially the way we see others. One who is pure in heart ends up seeing God mainly because He is expecting to! If all we ever do is go thru life allowing stress to control us (which is worry), we will never see God. It is sad but most of our people never look for God to intervene or do the impossible in their life. The more evidence there is that God is moving in and thru our lives, the purer our heart will be.

Zodhiates explains what kardia or "heart" means here: "thoughts, reasonings, understanding, will, judgment, designs, affections, love hatred, fear, joy, sorrow and anger since these things can actually affect a man's physical heart." Having a pure heart speaks of having pure motives and wholesome desires in what we want to produce with our lives. What do you want out of life? Is it more of the spirit? Is it to tame your mind? Is it righteousness and to be more merciful to others? These are the attitudes which lead to being pure in heart and seeing God according to Christ. If we are double-minded, living mostly in doubt and unbelief, while being overly sensitive to and critical of others, it shows we have a dirty heart. In this state, how could we ever expect God to bless us?! Our hearts cannot be dirty or closed off- they must be pure and open for God to shine through!

The Greek verb for "shall see" is opta-nomai Strong's Exhaustive Concordance #3700 which is to gaze... with wide-open eyes, as at something remarkable... signifies an earnest but more continued inspection. In a society filled with corruption, death, and darkness it should not be difficult for us to see God if we take the time to believe and look close enough. Do you want to "see God"? According to Christ it's a matter of the heart. The fact is, if your heart is pure, you are already seeing God in a lot of different ways. Stop with this idea of God being some old man way up in the sky somewhere and understand that He lives in each one of His people, including you, and can be seen. Do you see Him working in and thru your life? Do you look for Him in other whites as they help one another in love? You do if your heart is open and pure.

To be pure in heart involves honesty and not having our own agendas. To be pure in heart is to be one who wants to please God, to carry out His will alone. How do we do that? By following the Spirit and living by faith... By not always being ready to blame, but to forgive. There is nothing we can't accomplish as brethren as long as we seek to have a pure heart toward one another. When we see God in a family, business, or organization, it is the indication they have a pure heart in everything they are doing. Yet why should God show up in anything we try to do, if all we do is continually question things? The pure in heart always think the best of their brethren, wanting to see God in them.

We see what we want to see; are you looking for God? If you're pure in heart according to Christ you are. Most of us unknowingly put up blockades against God ever intervening in our lives because we are so busy blaming others or having to handle everything ourselves. Do you really think worrying and blaming others (or even yourself) is going to purify your heart? Of course not. Having a fearful heart is nothing more than spiritual short-sightedness. We allow our carnal mind to pull us away from waiting on the LORD by focusing too much on circumstances. Being pure in heart reflects where our desires came from and how we handle them once they are in the process of being fulfilled. How do you treat even those who are supposed to be the nearest and dearest to you? We must have our hearts open to one another and abound in peace:


9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Where being merciful most commonly involves what we choose to do individually, being "peacemakers" is more about preserving and restoring relationships, seeing the big picture. God is all about peace and so are those who want to be known as His "children"; those who seek to obey their Father. This is not the fake peace of the world. True peace is based on truth, love, and righteousness which only can involve Yahweh God and His children. Since all non-whites are violations of God's law of kind after kind ultimately, they will no longer exist once the Prince of Peace returns. Therefore a white cannot even approach peace with His Father until he repents of his compromise of holding hands and cooperating with the enemies of God (non-whites). Peace is all about wanting to learn more about how to come into agreement with God.

Though so many non-whites win the so-called 'peace prize', they still cannot become children of God thru any of their supposed peacemaking. For those whites who keep themselves separate from the world, making and maintaining peace with God, are actually the only ones who are even candidates for any real peace prize or to be "the peacemakers". Though a white does not need to become a peacemaker to be a child of God, "THEY SHALL BE CALLED the children of God" by others who know the truth and see their hearts of peace. All whites are children of God but only those who open their heart to peace will be known as the children of God.

But why would there be whites distinguished from other whites in this way? **Because God wants His children to be recognized by their obedience to and faith in their Father. At this particular time, most of our people are not reflecting our Father. Most of them seem to love God's enemies and despise those who love their race. THE ONLY PEACE TO BE HAD IS THE PEACE OF GOD, AND THE ONLY WAY TO HELP OTHERS MAKE PEACE IS IF YOU HAVE PEACE WITH GOD YOURSELF. How can one have peace with God who is standing with His enemies? The only way is to repent and get on God's side- the white side, the Scriptural side, from the inside, thru God's indwelling Spirit.

Contributing to the ministry of reconciliation (or peace) leads to so many blessings, for it is essentially the Gospel ministry taught in the New Testament. Here's how it is though: God is the only One Who is right all the time and we stay aligned with Him by maintaining a heart full of peace. It isn't just pointing out who's right or wrong, but who's wanting to love their brother as they say they love God. Peace is not only made thru reconciling divisions between those who are apart, but proactively affirmed by encouraging others and thru showing gratitude. Peacemakers then, make peace by seeking to maintain peace. We are not to intentionally offend or believe the worst of others. We are not to come on so strong that we are being a stumblingblock to the weaker brother. The way we make peace and our brother stronger is for us all to simply trust God.

Understand, peace isn't just a word to describe non-division or non-aggression. Biblical peace is a thoroughfare of love between brethren where much glory to God can be attained. Peace is a bond to be protected as we all stand stronger together than we ever can alone or split apart. Peace between brothers provides tremendous joy which leads to working more effectively together in ministry.

What would you like to "be called": a know-it-all, a hater, or a child of God because you are a peacemaker? Because most of our people's minds are so warped and deceived, genuine Christians today are being called such things like "Nazis", "White Supremists", and so on which to them is the equivalent of calling us the children of the devil; the most evil people ever born. Yet in God's sight, only those who put forth effort to see their brethren at peace with God by repenting and turning to the Gospel of racial salvation "shall be called the children of God" and actually know why.

There is no greater designation in this world than to be recognized as one of "the children of God". Those called children of God are not ashamed of His Gospel and are not afraid to trust Him with their whole lives by faith. They understand that being a child of God is a genetic consideration and not just a figure of speech. If someone is not white, not only should they not be called a child of God, they are not and can never be. But even if one is white, he should not expect to be named among the children of God until his faith and practice are exemplary of one with a peace within which is spreading to others.

Maybe you have so closed off your heart by retaining guilt for something in the past, not even extending mercy to yourself. If this is the case, you probably find it pretty easy to justify unforgiveness toward others. If you have not made peace or forgiven with yourself, you cannot extend peace or forgiveness to anyone else. Your life has become nothing more than a festering knot of stress and bitterness all because you will not give yourself a new start by opening your heart. You've tried everything it seems to find the peace you need, while all along the peace is in you. You must open your heart by forgiving yourself.

Ultimately, this verse involves building a testimony. Wanting to be called by others the holy offspring of Yahweh Almighty is a testimony of hope, integrity, and power. Incidentally, Christ said they would know we were His disciples by the love we have for one another. Therefore having the reputation of being a representative of Christ to the lost multitudes in our race, is about opening our heart and helping them find peace.


Extending mercy, having a clean heart, and making peace all work hand-in-hand with making you and others more blessed. Control what you attract into your life by opening your heart to what Christ says here. Look for ways to be merciful to others rather than being rash and jumping to the wrong conclusions. Purify your heart by searching out your desires. Rather than creating or initially taking a side in an arguement or division, look for calm ways to settle and mend differences. The blueprint for blessings helps us better process every circumstance we face for our good and His glory.